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Gopher and Mole Repellent

Over 4½ million UNITS have been sold during the last 5 years. During this time, we have encountered almost every conceivable browse situation. It is likely that your deer or rabbit browse problem is similar to one of the below situations. To learn more about the below customer situations or to inqure how this remarkable repellent can help save your plants, email us or call 1 800-572-0055 today!

Home owner in Santa Rosa, CA using Plant Pro-Tec Units on "roses and nearly any other plant that has flowers." Her comments; "It works" March, 1996

A home owner in Foresthill, CA who had a terrible problem with 25 deer living in her yard and eating every plant they could. Her comment after the installation of Plant Pro-Tec Units was, "Now they stay away!!!" Feb.,1995

A winery owner who used our product to protect landscape plants said, "I also gave them out as "samples" to people to try- in almost all cases they were highly successful; 90-100% with a couple of exceptions- those who used them will continue to do so. They are very happy with the results." March, 1996

A Bodega Bay, CA man with a browse problem had to say, "So far it seems a very effective deterrent. Before using Pro-Tec, even ‘deer resistant’ plants were severely browsed, especially new growth." May, 1996

A Malibu, CA home owner who has ordered Plant Pro-Tec Units 4 years in a row to protect roses and other flowers said, "An extraordinarily effective product which we shall continue to utilize. Please keep us advised as to any ongoing developments in the product." March, 1996

An Omaha, NE man using Plant Pro-Tec Units to protect his 1-3 year old trees said, "Good product-seemed to work on every plant where installed. Used to stop whitetail deer from rubbing on new plant stock." Oct., 1993

A man from New York, NY used our product on his "upstate" farm. He said, "Plants with units were not disturbed by the deer, which tend to feed heavily in the orchard." May, 1995

A Somerset, CA man protecting his roses said, "Very good for deer, we don’t have a rabbit problem." April, 1995

Another California customer from Mosquito protected her roses and Irises with Plant Pro-Tec Units. Her comment was, "I ordered the units after deer ate my Irises. I wanted to plant roses. When I received them, I put them on both irises and roses and the next day, deer passed by the previously visited irises and nearby roses and then ate an unprotected carnation. They really work and I am ordering more for my new plants." May, 1996

A home owner in southern California protected azaleas, roses, phlox, and other flowers and commented, "First time flowers unchewed. It really seems to deter the deer." May 1997

A Christmas tree grower in upstate New York used Plant Pro-Tec Units and commented: "Pro-Tec Units were obtained from a New York State wildlife biologist. Units installed late winter after browsing was severe on some trees. Units were selectively put on trees with little or no damage - appear to be quite effective!" Feb 1996.

A Master Gardener in Ben Lomond, California commented: "The property owners had given up on planting flowers in the area but Plant Pro-Tec has made it possible once again to beautify the area with flowers." May 1998

A home owner in Rocklin, California commented: "Since the clips were put, we have had no damage whatsoever to the pine trees! This is remarkable since we lost about one half of the pine trees the previous year. There was very minimal damage - a couple of nibbles to the bushes." January 1995

A Lake Ozark, Missouri home owner used Plant Pro-Tec Units to protect flowers and trees and commented: "The stuff works!" March 1997

A nursery owner in Payson, Arizona placed Plant Pro-Tec Units around the plant nursery, orchard, and produce gardens to keep deer and elk from destroying them. He had no further damage "while neighboring areas were affected." July 1994

A nursery owner in Daytona Beach, Florida sold Plant Pro-Tec Units to customers and reports that "feedback from customers so far seems to be positive. I have had repeat sales from people putting then on more and varied plants." August 1996


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